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Middlesex Junior Leagues 2013 - 14

League Rules

Under 13 - 15 - 17 years

  1. Players must wear protective goggles during knock-up and play.
  2. Matches will generally be played on a Sunday and should start after 1pm with an estimated finish time of 5pm except in the case of round robins where more than 3 teams playing. Times can be adjusted if ALL teams at the fixture agree.
  3. Hosting team should provide refreshments.
  4. d) The players must be under the age for boys, plus 2 years for girls at the start of the season. (1st September). Ie under 15 for boys and under 15 for girls.
  5. For league purposes a team will consist of 4 players. Other matches may be played by mutual agreement between the Team Secretaries but will not count towards the result of the overall fixture.
  6. A match (player vs player) will consist of the best of 5 games.
  7. Games will be scored as Point a Rally (PAR or “American”) up to 11 points with 2 clear points at 10-all.
  8. Each team will play each other team of the league once in the season.
  9. The League Secretary will allocate home or away dates for the fixtures on as equitable basis as possible. (If possible and applicable, this allocation will be reversed in the following season).
  10. Fixtures can be re-arranged with agreement of all teams in that fixture – League Secretary to be notified of new date.
  11. All fixtures must be completed by the 31 May.
  12. Three way ties will be arranged where possible.
  13. Home Team Secretaries are required to complete and return result cards for each fixture to the League Secretary by scanning and emailing to address below.
  14. Each team will have 1 point for each individual game played.
  15. Each team will have 1 point added for each individual match won.
  16. Each team will have 2 points added for winning the fixture.
  17. http://www.middlesexsra.com/juniorhome should be the first reference for all league details.

Lindsey Dack

October 2012
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